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Saturday, April 11, 2009

GENESIS : The Knife (1970)

R.I.P. John Mayhew (1947 - Mar. 26. 2009)
The elusive former Genesis drummer, John Mayhew, has passed away of a heart condition. He was in fact the THIRD drummer for the band, and his spot was in turn filled by none other than Phil Collins. His musical contribution was only on their second album, TRESPASS. After the band, he pretty much disappeared from sight (even from his family), until he showed up at a Genesis convention in the UK in 2006!
This track represents the growth of the band, plugging in their instruments, and bridging rock music from the hippy-60s to the progressive-70s. This song is quite heavy, even for Genesis standards, and also represents guitarist Anthony Phillips last recording with the group. This is the remixed/remastered version from 2008, which completely updates and refreshes the sound of the track!

Here's the wiki blurb:
The Knife is a song by progressive rock band Genesis from their second album "Trespass" from 1970. In some ways it is the first "classic" Genesis song as it was performed live often in the band's early days (a live version appears on the "Genesis Live" album from 1973) and has appeared sporadically in the band's setlists all the way up through 1982 (after 1975, however, they performed an edited four-minute version of the song). It was released as a two-part single in May of 1971, but it did not chart.
The song was unusually aggressive for Genesis at the time, as most of their work consisted of soft, pastoral acoustic textures and poetic lyrics. It features a bouncy, march-like organ riff, heavily distorted guitars and bass, and chaotic drumming. Peter Gabriel said he wanted to write something that had the excitement of "Rondo" by The Nice.) The song's lyrics concern Gabriel's reflections on violent revolutions, showing how those who use violence in the name of freedom are often only interested in establishing their own dictatorship.

"The Knife" was the most popular stage song from Trespass, usually being performed as an encore. During one performance in 1970, Peter Gabriel became so carried away at the end of the song that he jumped off the stage into the audience and landed on his foot, breaking his ankle as a result.

Song : "The Knife" by Genesis
From the LP "TRESPASS" (Charisma) Oct. 23, 1970

Peter Gabriel : vocals, flute, bass drum
Anthony Phillips : guitar
Mike Rutherford : bass
Tony Banks : keyboards
John Mayhew : drums

Get it here : The Knife


Dana said...

Coooool... interesting to listen to.

So.. why did he leave the band anyway?

Anonymous said...

They fired him