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Saturday, July 11, 2009

THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN : Prelude - Nightmare (1968)

Arthur Brown has always been a musical enigma. At a time of peace & love, he was screaming "I am the God of Hellfire!", he was lighting his head on fire, he carried an operatic voice in a psychedelic band, and was a poster-boy for eclecticism in music. This is the opening track to his first (and most successful album), which led into his biggest hit, "Fire". His use of theatrics and costume predated Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and glam rock. His screaming vocals inspired many rock singers of the '70s, particularly Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple). Unfortunately, Crane's career never hit these heights again.
Note: soon after this album, Brown recruited drummer Carl Palmer (of ELP fame). Palmer would stay for about a year before leaving with keyboardist Vincent Crane to form Atomic Rooster.

Song : "Prelude - Nightmare" by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown : vocals
Vincent Crane : organ
Drachen Theaker : drums

Get it here : Prelude - Nightmare

Saturday, July 04, 2009

THE BUDOS BAND : Ephra (2009)

The Budos Band are a retro-sounding Afrobeat/funk group from Staten Island, NY. Part of the funky NY label, Daptone Records, the members sub in for other groups on the label. This song is off their newest EP, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks by the group. "Ephra" is a guitar/bass driven song, a sweet repetitive riff that when combined with the percussion section, becomes a solid smashing groove. The horns come in to top it all off, and a great trumpet solo.

Song : "Ephra" by The Budos Band
From the EP "The Budos Band EP" (Daptone) Jun. 16, 2009

LINEUP (most likely) :
Vincent Balestrino : Shekere
Thomas Brenneck : Electric Guitar
John Carbonella Jr. : Congas, Drums
Mike Deller : Organ
Daniel Foder : Bass Guitar
Cochemea Gastellum : Tenor Sax, Flute
Andrew Greene : Trumpet
Dave Guy : Trumpet
Rob Lombardo : Bongo, Congas
Brian Profilio : Drums
Dame Rodriguez : Cowbell, Clave, Tambourine
Jared Tankel : Baritone Saxophone

Get it here : Ephra