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Saturday, March 27, 2010

WEATHER REPORT: Black Market (1976)

This is one of Weather Report's well-known tracks from one of their most popular albums. Lumped as a jazz-fusion band, they combined their jazz background with world music, and in this case, funk and Caribbean rhythms. Much of the unique keyboard sounds were from Joe Zawinul's continued modifications of the synths at his disposal. In this song, he inverted the keyboard voltages on the ARP 2600 "so that the upper portion of the keyboard played the lower sounds and vice versa" (from Weather Report Annotated Discography). What's also interesting is that drummer Chester Thompson plays the first half of the song, and with an edit it switches to Narada Michael Walden for the second half! And overall, an all-star lineup.

Song : "Black Market" by Weather Report
From the LP "Black Market" (Columbia) Apr. 1976

Joe Zawinul : keyboards
Wayne Shorter : sax, lyricon
Alphonso Johnson : bass
Chester Thompson : drums
Narada Michael Walden : drums
Don Alias : congas and percussion
Alex Acuna : percussion
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

THE FLIES : Winter Afternoon (1968)

This UK psych-pop group formed in 1965, released a handful of singles, toured with bands like The Who and Jimi Hendrix, and basically dissolved. However, there was enough extra material recorded to fill a CD for reissue! This is a nice track that features Peter Dunton on vocals (from Neon Pearl). Members of this group went on to form other UK groups Please, and T2.

Song : "Winter Afternoon" by The Flies
From the CD "Complete Collection 1965-1968" (Acme Deluxe); recorded 1968, released 1998

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