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Saturday, May 26, 2012

AFRODIZZ - Face (2004)

Finally back after a loooong hiatus.  I'm going to continue in the usual style: random.

This week's post if from Afrodizz, an afrobeat band from the unlikely city of Montreal, Quebec.  The group is the brainchild of guitarist Gabriel Aldama, enlisting like-minded individuals to create a convincing formula.  As with all Afrobeat, there is a huge tribute to Fela Kuti.  However, you can definitely hear a more modern production, with a heavier emphasis on guitar and syncopated horns.  In particular, credit has to go to the catchy and strong vocals from Vance Payne.  Makes me want to sing!

This track is from their first full album, but the band is still going strong.  Check them out!

Song : "Face" by Afrodizz
From the LP "KIF KIF" 2004

Vance Payne : vocals
Gabriel Aldama : guitar
Francois Plante : bass
John-Philippe Goncalves : drums
Francois Vincent : percussion
David Carbonneau : trumpet
Frede Simard : tenor sax
Francois Glidden : baritone sax