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Sunday, February 03, 2008

HUBERT LAWS : How Long Will It Be? (1970)

To change it up a bit, here's a groovy track from jazz flautist Hubert Laws. He is primarily known for taking classical pieces and putting them into a jazz context (with flute being the lead instrument), but he can create some funky music as well. This song is written by the man himself, and features a great lineup of musicians (see below). An early release on the great CTI label.

Song : "How Long Will It Be?"
From the LP "CRYING SONG" (CTI) 1970
-recorded Sep. 24, 1969

Hubert Laws - flute
Bob James - electric piano, organ
George Benson - guitar
Ron Carter - bass
Grady Tate - drums

Get it here :
How Long Will It Be?

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Dana said...

The keys... it's the keys!