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Monday, May 19, 2008

YOUNG FLOWERS : You Upset Me Baby (1969)

Danish blues-rock! These guys were important in bringing blues and psychedelic music to the Netherlands in the late '60s (it seems every European country had a band like this). The Young Flowers didn't stray too much from the blues-based format, and were very similar in sound to UK bands like Cream. They were also the backing band for the late PETER THORUP for a little bit (whom I showcased in Oct. 2007. They may even be playing on that track). This particular song seems to be an acid-blues version of "Jailhouse Rock"; I like the distorted guitar sound. The soloing isn't bad either. For some reason, this track appears on both of their official releases at the time, but here's the version from the second album.

: Original album cover :
Song: "You Upset Me Baby"
From the LP "Vol. 2" (Sonet) 1969

Peer Frost : guitar, vocals
Peter Ingemann : bass
Ken Gudman : drums

: Alternate album cover :

Get it here : You Upset Me Baby

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Dana said...

Ehhh this totally confirms that I do NOT like blues rock, no matter WHERE it comes from.

Don't hate me