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Monday, July 28, 2008

ELEVEN - You Will Know (1995)

R.I.P. 1956? - 2008
NEW YORK (Billboard) - Singer/songwriter Natasha Shneider, who collaborated with former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and rock band Queens of the Stone Age, died Tuesday of cancer.
The age of the Moscow native was unknown (although some sources say she was 52, which is a bit unlikely; more like 42).

Shneider, her husband Alain Johannes and Jack Irons formed the rock band Eleven in 1990 following the latter's departure from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It released five albums, the best known of which was a 1993 self-titled affair for Disney's Hollywood Records.
"Reach Out," the single from the set, became Eleven's only track to dent the Billboard charts, reaching No. 40 on the airplay-based Mainstream Rock tally.

As the band's recorded output became more sporadic, Shneider and Johannes lent their songwriting and production talents to other projects, such as Cornell's 1999 solo debut "Euphoria Morning." Of late, the pair had recorded and toured in Queens Of The Stone Age.
"She was a brilliant, beautiful, and ballsy woman who will be missed deeply by all those who knew her. Send your loving thoughts her way in the universe," wrote frequent collaborator Troy Van Leeuwen.

Shneider's colorful career also included playing a cosmonaut in 2010: The Year We Make Contact and recording a song for the Catwoman soundtrack.

A PayPal fund ( has been set up to defray costs associated with Shneider's medical care.

This has to be one of the hardest R.I.P.s to post, as she was such a great talent in one of my favourite bands from the 90s, Eleven. Singer, songwriter, keyboard and bass player, she always added a touch of darkness and eccentricity to even the simplest of songs. It was great to hear that her and Alain Johannes joined up with Queens Of The Stone Age, as they received greater recognition than ever for their work. Queens are hosting a tribute concert to Shneider on August 16 in LA to help raise funds to pay for her outstanding medical bills (as outrageous as that sounds). This track is from their third album, which was grossly overlooked by the critics of the time. There is some classic elements to the band's sound on this: the slightly Beatlesque keyboards, the heavy guitar riff, the excellent melodies, the unique harmonies, and of course Shneider's fantastic voice.

Song : "You Will Know"
From the LP "THUNK" (Hollywood) 1995

Alain Johannes : guitar
Natasha Shneider : vocals, Hammond Organ, Left-hand bass
Jack Irons : drums

Get it here : You Will Know

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Dana said...

You're right, great song, great harmonies, great voice.

I want to hear more of Eleven - CD, please! lol