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Saturday, October 11, 2008


R.I.P. Brian Davison (May 25, 1942 - Apr. 15, 2008)
R.I.P. Graham Bell (Apr. 24, 1948 - May 2, 2008)

Brian Davison obit:
Brian Davison was in at the birth of “prog rock” as the drummer with the Nice, a group that in many ways summed up the progressive genre and its philosophy of fusing rock music with elements of jazz and symphonic composition.
The classical influence was supplied by the keyboard virtuoso Keith Emerson. The jazz leanings came from Davison, whose style was influenced by drummers such as Max Roach and Art Blakey. He added a driving beat to Emerson’s arrangements of material by composers such as Sibelius, Bach and Tchaikovsky, as well as the group’s party piece, a melodramatic and political onslaught on Leonard Bernstein’s America from West Side Story.
After the Nice broke up in 1970 Davison’s career was dogged by bad luck and for a time he drifted out of music altogether, returning to the spotlight only when the Nice briefly but successfully reunited in 2002.
Brian Davison was a drummer active in the late-60s/early-70s, most popular in The Nice. After the split, he released this 'solo' album with some mates, including singer Graham Bell. This track uses the common rock chord progression (a la "White Room" by Cream), with some good jamming, albeit a bit long. At least a decent showcase for Bell's vocals, and Davison is willing to play for the band, and not for his own sake.

Davison went on to join Jackson Heights, prog-rock group Refugee, and later Gong. He died of a brain tumour.
Bell had previously played with UK psych group Skip Bifferty, and would later play in bands such as Bell + Arc, Carol Grimes, and release a solo album. He died of throat cancer.

Song : "All In Time"

Brian Davison : drums and percussion
Graham Bell : vocals, acoustic guitar
Geoffrey Peach : reeds, backing vocals
Alan Cartwright : bass guitar
John Hedley : lead guitar

Get it here : All In Time


Dana said...

OK I have to say it: the jam reminds me a bit of Dave Matthews Band!

Dana said...

Holy shit this is long.