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Saturday, May 30, 2009

BETTY BARNEY meets CHILI PEPPERS meets THE PAZANT BROTHERS : Momma, Momma/Chicken Scratch (1969)

Apologies for the confusing title, but it's a confusing story! GWP was a record label based in New York City that produced singles for a number of jazz, soul, and funk acts. The 'house band' for the label was a group called The Pazant Brothers, with real brothers Al on trumpet and Eddy on sax. They played as the rhythm section on many of the singles, and had many great funk singles of their own. One the artists was singer Betty Barney, who recorded only one single "You Want My Lovin'". The track "Momma, Momma" is the funky b-side, and Barney is just belting out the lyrics. You can hear the typical staccato horns of the Pazant Brothers in the background. An interesting use of string swells occurs throughout.
Now, what makes it slightly confusing is that GWP re-released the song later in the same year, but this time keeping it instrumental and calling it "Chicken Scratch". Yet instead of making it a Pazant Brothers single, they went under the pseudonym, Chili Peppers. Thus, as the Chili Peppers, this was the sole single! Either way, you get to hear how nice n greasy the track is. Barney would continue to sing for the Pazants, particularly on their later album, "Loose And Juicy".

Song : "Momma, Momma" by Betty Barney
Single B-side (GWP 502) 1969

Song : "Chicken Scratch" by Chili Peppers
Single A-side (GWP 511) 1969

Both of the songs can be found on the compilation, "SuperFunk. Volume 4" (BGP) 2004
Get them here :
Momma Momma
Chicken Scratch

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