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Saturday, September 19, 2009

FLASH AND THE PAN : Captain Beware (1980)

Flash And The Pan were a late-70s/early-80s new wave project by producers/songwriters Harry Vanda and George Young. Vanda & Young were originally members of The Easybeats (see Jan. 21, 2008 entry), but soon moved on to production and songwriting. George Young is AC/DC's Angus & Malcolm's older brother. This group was their New Wave project, essentially a studio creation that brought in musicians to perform their music. This track is representative of the style of the project: synth-heavy beats, driving bass line, and vocals that speak throughout the verse, yet have a strong chorus.

Song : "Captain Beware" by Flash And The Pan
LP "LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT" (Albert) May 1980

George Young : synthesizers, lead vocals
Harry Vanda : guitar, vocals
Johnny Dick : drums
Les Karski : bass
Warren Morgan : piano

Get it here : Captain Beware

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Dana said...

This is really cheesy. Sorry I had to say it.

Thanks, though!