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Monday, October 12, 2009

FAMILY OF PERCUSSION & ARCHIE SHEPP : Here Comes The Family (1980)

Family Of Percussion was originally formed by drummer Peter Giger (who had played with German groups Dzyan, Drum Circus). After a string of percussion albums, he teamed up with legendary sax player Archie Shepp for this one-off album. This is the title track, quite funky and rare for the group in that it had vocals. By listening to the rhythm section, one can hear the array of percussive instruments they had at their disposal.
: Peter Giger :

Song : "Here Comes The Family" by Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp (recorded Oct. 13/14, 1980)
From the LP "HERE COMES THE FAMILY" (Nagara) 1980

Archie Shepp : vocals, flute
Peter Giger : vocals, percussion
Trilok Gurtu : percussion
Doug Hammond : vocals, percussion
Tom Nicholas : percussion

Get it here : Here Comes The Family

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