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Sunday, December 13, 2009

NICO : I'm Not Sayin' (1965)

This week has a song from German singer, model, and actress Nico. This is the A-side of her first single. It was assumed that helped to get signed to Immediate Records because she was the then-lover to Brian Jones (from The Rolling Stones). Producer Andrew Loog Oldham wanted to mold her into another Marianne Faithfull, so he had her sing this song, written by Gordon Lightfoot. This song is significant as it has both Brian Jones AND a young Jimmy Page on guitars. A nice slice of folksy pop.

It was soon after this that Nico went to the US, and joined The Velvet Underground for their first classic album.

And here is the link to a promotional video for this song. The audio-visual sync isn't always perfect, but it IS the mid-60s...
Song : "I'm Not Sayin'" by Nico
Single A-side (Immediate 003) Aug. 19, 1965

Nico : vocals
Jimmy Page : 12-string guitar
Brian Jones : acoustic guitar

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the link is offline, can you please repost ? Do you have the other song too (The Last Mile) ? thanks in advance.

Captain Beyond said...


A-side : "I'm Not Sayin'"

B-side : "The Last Mile"