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Saturday, February 26, 2011

R.I.P. 2010 - Part 2

Harry Beckett (Jul. 22, 2010): UK jazz trumpet player.

Phelps "Catfish" Collins (Aug. 6, 2010): guitar player for The JBs, James Brown, and Funkadelic; brother of BOOTSY COLLINS -died of cancer.

Richie Hayward (Aug. 12, 2010): drummer for LITTLE FEAT and others. Died of liver disease.

Mac Tontoh (Aug. 17, 2010): trumpet for OSIBISA.

Leonard Skinner (Sep. 20, 2010): gym teacher, inspiration for the name of LYNYRD SKYNYRD.
T. Lavitz (Oct. 7, 2010): keyboardist for THE DIXIE DREGS, etc.

Solomon Burke (Oct. 10, 2010): soul singer.

Kim Davis (Oct. 18, 2010): guitarist for southern-rock band POINT BLANK -shot himself.

Denis Simpson (Oct. 20, 2010): singer for THE NYLONS -died of brian hemorrhage.

John Sekula (Oct. 28, 2010): guitarist for metal band MUSHROOMHEAD -possible heart failure.

Jim Clench (Nov. 2, 2010): bassist for APRIL WINE.

Ruben Basoalto (Nov. 3, 2010): member of prog group VOX DEI -died of lung cancer.

Aram Schefrin (Nov. 4, 2010): member of horn-rock band, TEN WHEEL DRIVE -died of cancer.
Harry Whitaker (Nov. 17, 2010): pianist, worked with ROY AYERS, ROBERTA FLACK, and solo -died of heart attack.

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) (Dec. 17, 2010): singer, etc -worked with FRANK ZAPPA and solo -died of complications from multiple sclerosis.

Myrna Smith (Dec. 24, 2010): also a singer for THE SWEET INSPIRATIONS (search this blog) -died after getting pneumonia, complicated by kidney failure and stroke.

Bernie Wilson (Dec. 26, 2010): another member of HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES -died from stroke and heart attack complications.

Bill Maddox (Dec. 27, 2010): drummer for THE ELECTROMAGNETS and ERIC JOHNSON GROUP -died by being shot during a home break-in.

Bobby Farrell (Dec. 30, 2010): singer for BONEY M -died of heart disease.

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