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Monday, April 18, 2011

BILL WARD : Pink Clouds An Island (1990)

Bill Ward, the original drummer for Black Sabbath, finally made his solo debut with this album. A satisfying amalgamation of hard rock, great melodies, and more introspective work. This track acted as a bridge between two songs with guest vocalists, the first with Ozzy Osbourne, then next with Jack Bruce. However, it does get to showcase Ward's pleasing vocals and interesting song structure. He used Ozzy's guitarist Zakk Wylde, and future KISS drummer Eric Singer.

Song: "Pink Clouds An Island" by Bill Ward

From the LP : "Ward One: Along The Way" (Chameleon) Jan. 10, 1990

Bill Ward : Drums, vocals, keyboards

Zakk Wylde : guitar

Eric Singer : drums

Gordon Copley : bass

Mike Rodgers : keyboards

Leonice : percussion

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Miloš Vasić said...

I really hear the similarity to Richard Wright you were talking about!

Anonymous said...

Should Check out other Stuff by Rue Phillips who also worked on the album....

He played for Lost City and Smokin Roadie.....