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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

URIEL : Soul Thing (Theme From 'Queen Street Gang') [1969]

So Uriel is the proto-progressive band (often misnamed as Arzachel), that spawned guitarist Steve Hillage, and the group Egg (which WAS a progressive band, ha).  Their one album is considered a UK psychedelic classic (especially with the 16+ minute "Metempsychosis"), and the group was a precursor to the 'Canterbury' scene.  This track is basically a cover to the theme of a UK late-60s TV show (composed by Keith Mansfield), but arranged for a four-piece.  A nice beat starts out the track, and the highly hummable melody follows.  You can hear Hillage comping along with his guitar.  But the obvious focus is on Dave Stewart's piercing organ.  I appreciate the fact that group is leaning more towards the 'sound' rather than the notes.  The soloing is more in the laid back, and letting the rhythm have some space to breathe.

Song : "Soul Thing (Theme From 'Queen Street Gang') by Uriel
From the LP "ARZACHEL" Jun. 1969

Dave Stewart : organ
Mont Campbell : bass
Clive Brooks : drums
Steve Hillage : guitar

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