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Saturday, October 06, 2007

JOE ZAWINUL - Doctor Honoris Causa (1971)

R.I.P. 1932 - 2007

"Keyboardist Joe Zawinul, who played with Miles Davis and helped shape jazz fusion with his band Weather Report, died Sept. 11 in his native city of Vienna. He was 75.
"Zawinul, voted best keyboardist 30 times by music magazine Down Beat's critics' poll, including this year, had sought medical attention last month after a tour. He died of a rare form of skin cancer, local news agency APA reported."

More dead folks. Zawinul was really quite a driving force of merging world music into jazz for most of his career. Here is a track off his album from 1971, around the same time that Weather Report was getting off the ground. The Miles Davis influence is quite apparent here, and is a good example of early jazz-fusion. Stick with it, there is a very subtle groove going on throughout the piece...

Song: "Doctor Honoris Causa"
Dedicated to Herbie Hancock for his Honorary Doctorate at Grinnell University in Des Moines, Iowa.

Recorded Aug. 6-12, 1970
-from the LP "ZAWINUL" (Atlantic) 1971

Joe Zawinul : electric piano
Herbie Hancock : electric piano
George Davis : flute
Woody Shaw : trumpet
Earl Turbinton : soprano saxophone
Miroslav Vitous : bass
Joe Chambers, Billy Hart, David Lee : percussion

NOTE: Miroslav Vitous went on to join Weather Report
Earl Turbinton also died this year - Aug. 3, 2007 ; more on him next week!!

Get it here:
Joe Zawinul - Doctor Honoris Causa (1971)

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milos and julie said...

Good lord, I had no idea Zawinul bought the farm!! BTW, I really like the "I-hear-dead-people" format of the blog. I see a great future for the blog.