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Saturday, October 13, 2007

WILLIE TEE : Get Up (mid-70s)


R.I.P. 1944 - 2007

Wilson Turbinton (Willie Tee), the New Orleans keyboardist, singer, songwriter and producer known as Willie Tee, died on Tuesday in New Orleans. He was 63 and had lived in Baton Rouge after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The cause was complications of colon cancer, said his friend and producer, Leo Sacks.
Willie Tee was a catalyst and innovator in New Orleans music. He was the songwriter and arranger behind a pivotal album: “The Wild Magnolias,” released in 1973, which was the first to meld the parade chants of a Mardi Gras Indian tribe, the Wild Magnolias, with fierce New Orleans funk."

Willie Tee and Joe Zawinul were longtime colleagues and friends. Weather Report's 1984 album "Domino Theory" opened with Tee's song "Can It Be Done".

This week's song is "Get Up" by Willie Tee with The Gaturs. Funky goodness for the Fall...

Single A-side (Gatur 8001) ca. 1971-5

NOTE: this song was recorded with his backing band, The Gaturs.

Earl Turbinton (on sax) is Willie Tee's brother. He was also sax on last week's Zawinul track (RIP: Aug.3, 2007)

Drummer Larry Panna died on Feb. 23, 2007 as well. Yikes!

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Dana said...

Funky! Yes, I'm a funk novice, but this sounds a bit ahead of it's time, no?

P.S. I like this layout better.

Bill said...

Tee and Zaw died the same day. 6000 miles apart. Look it up/