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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eddie Fisher - Cosmic Blues (1977)

Eddie Fisher
R.I.P. 1943 - 2007
OK so the last one on the list is guitarist Eddie Fisher (not to be confused with the crooner of the same name). I personally can't get enough of this guy; a good jazz sense, but oh so funky. He passed away this year from prostate cancer.

Here is the blurb when he was inducted into the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame:
"Eddie Fisher is not only an honoree but also a guest performer at the 2004 Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame was arranged in conjunction with the Old State House Museum, the Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation and the Old State House Museum Associates. That event is called Remembering 9th Street: A Night of Jazz, one of the special events related to the museum's exhibit Send You Back to Arkansas: Our Own Sweet Sounds II.

"Eddie Fisher spent the first 17 years of his life in Little Rock, Arkansas. From the age of 10, he developed a love for music; influenced and supported by his father. After graduating from high school, Fisher left home and headed for Memphis, Tennessee, where he continued to improve his guitar technique and musical skills. He spent the next several years touring with such famous musicians as Salomon Burke and Albert King. Fisher then became a founding member of the Leo's Five Band and decided to settle down in St. Louis, Missouri.
"It was in East St. Louis that Eddie Fisher started making a name for himself when he began playing at the renowned Blue Note Club. Fisher enjoyed great success beginning in the 60s and early 70s when he recorded his first two albums, The Third Cup and The Next One Hundred Years. On his own label, Nentu Records, he has produced Fisher, The Promise and most recently released 42nd Street. Over the years, Fisher has recorded 6 CDs. He recently completed 10 European tours.
"Fisher's guitar playing and compositions span various jazz styles. Critics explain that he began his career as a straight jazz guitarist with relatively traditional soul jazz, while his more recent work has been described as "very trippy guitar funk." Another entertainment writer states, "It doesn't matter whether I'm in a happy mood or feeling depressed. The music is spirited in any possible way. There are jazz, funk, blues and soul influences."

This all-instrumental song is a personal favourite of mine (and I'm sure some of you have heard this one from me before). It is one of those songs where every instrument is playing a part that adds to the whole. You can focus on listening to a different instrument every time you play the track, and it will give you something new (try it, you'll see!). It is quite the busy song, but verrrry groovy.
Song: "Cosmic Blues"
From the album "HOT LUNCH" (Stang ST-1032) 1977
Horn Arrangement by Bobby Washington & Eddie Fisher
All other instruments played by Eddie Fisher (!)
Get it here: Eddie Fisher - Cosmic Blues

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