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Friday, November 30, 2007

VANGELIS - Tales Of The Future (1982)

Due to the impending reissue of Blade Runner on DVD, here is a haunting track from the film. The singer is non other that DEMIS ROUSSOS, a Greek singer-songwriter. Vangelis had just worked with him on Roussos' last solo album "Demis". They had collaborated in the progressive band APHRODITE'S CHILD, about 11 years earlier. Strained relationships broke up that band, so it's interesting to hear them working together again.

Here's a blurb on the 'lyrics' of the song, from a Vangelis lyrics website: "The lyrics are spoken in Arabic with an Egyptian accent (Demis was raised in Egypt as a child). Most of the words however are gibberish and sometimes almost resemble other Arabic words but they are altered and arranged differently so they sound meaningless. Listening to the lyrics as whole does not build into a story and there is little sense trying to make sense of it. At the end of it there is a little passage where it does convey two meaningful sentences : 'Tell me my dear? Tell me my mother?' (translated)"
:Demis Roussos:

Song : "Tales Of The Future"
From the LP "BLADE RUNNER" (EMI) recorded 1982, released 1994
Demis Roussos : vocals
Vangelis : all music

Vangelis - Tales Of The Future

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