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Sunday, April 20, 2008

THE ENID : Punch And Judy Man (1980)

Here is a selection from the vastly underrated UK prog band, The Enid. Very much in the 'symphonic' territory of the genre, these guys have quite a rabid fanbase, mainly due to their continued fusion of classical music with 'rock' instruments. As always their music takes a lot of inspiration of other bands of the era, most notably GENESIS in their more introspective moments. Yet there are some surprising similarities to how VANGELIS composes in some instances.

However, this track is almost completely different than the majority of their work. There is obviously a KING CRIMSON Mk III influence in its aggressive rhythmic patterns and guitar work. The song is effectively split into four sections: the first and third are fast and rhythmic, while the second and fourth slow things down to give the listener a rest (being serious musicians and all, there just HAS to be woodwinds and synths). I like almost being able to bop my head to it. Special mention should go to the drummer Robbie Dobson for playing his a$$ off (take a listen to his playing from 5:02 - 5:15; is Neil Peart making a cameo?).
Here is a blurb from a fansite:
"The album opens with Punch And Judy Man, which as can be aptly deciphered from the title is a schizoid piece of music. It features the band at possibly their rockiest, with various sections devoid of the lush orchestration. In fact the initial section of this particular track is the closest the band come to actually playing progressive rock as most people know it, though this is then contrasted by the melodic orchestration replete with woodwind to finally conclude with the characteristic merging of both classical and rock genres."

Song : "Punch And Judy Man"
LP "SIX PIECES" (PYE Records) 1980
Robert John Godfrey (keyboards)
Stephen Stewart (guitar)
Francis Lickerish (guitar)
Martin Russell (keyboards and bass)
William Gilmour (keyboards)
Robbie Dobson (drums and percussion)

Get it here : Punch And Judy Man

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Dana said...

That WAS a challenge...!

Interesting. Music that makes you think it good every now and then. ;)

*Snore* during the second part tho!

Great job on your blurb.