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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A TASTE OF HONEY : Boogie Oogie Oogie (1978)

R.I.P. Anthony Joseph "Tony" Ben (1942-2008)

"An accomplished percussionist, Tony moved to Los Angeles in 1972, and soon began touring and recording at Capital Records with the singing group The Sylvers.
Later he joined the group, Ronnie Laws and Pressure, with whom he recorded for the Blue Note Label.
The Ronnie Laws group opened for various artists including War, The Jazz Crusaders, Roy Ayers, Tower of Power, Sarah Vaughn, Grover Washington and Freddie Hubbard.
Later he joined the group A Taste of Honey and recorded 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' with the duo.
Subsequently he toured with Donna Summer, Dionne Warwick, the Commodores, the Spinners, Frankie Vallie, Smokey Robinson, Lou Rawls amongst others.
An automobile accident led to glaucoma, a condition that resulted in the loss of most of his vision. He was diagnosed as 'legally blind', attending the Braille Institute and additionally accompanied Stevie Wonder live.
Tony reunited with Frances Cranon Stubblefield, his high school sweetheart in 1995 and they shared twelve years together prior to his passing."

So here's a classic disco track by A Taste Of Honey, with a double female lead-vocal, lead-instrument attack. Tony Ben had joined this group on percussion, although I'm not sure if he's actually ON this track; yet he did go out on tour to support the album, so we'll leave it at that. This song won the group "Best New Artist" in the 1979 Grammy's however. It's got a great bass-line, great guitar licks, and production by the Mizell brothers.

Song : "Boogie Oogie Oogie"
From the LP "A TASTE OF HONEY" (Capitol) 1978

Hazel P. Payne : lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar
Janice M. Johnson : lead vocals, backing vocals, bass
Perry L. Kibble : keyboards, backing vocals, producer
Donald R. Johnson : drums, backing vocals
Larry & Fonce Mizell : production

Get it here : Boogie Oogie Oogie


Dana said...

Ahh I know this song well and love it.

Good choice!

Anonymous said...

I knew Tony and Fran, and I am pretty sure he was with them on this track.