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Saturday, May 28, 2011

THE AZTECS : Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy (1972)

Billy Thorpe was one of the most important rock singer/entertainer that Australia produced. Initially a '60s pop-star, bad decisions (musically and financially) left him basically bankrupt by the end of that decade. With his band, The Aztecs, he turned towards hard blues-rock and reclaimed his popularity. The group hit the big-time with this song and an appearance at the first Sunbury Music Festival (Australia's version of Woodstock).
The tune starts with a jangly acoustic guitar, after which Thorpe asserts himself with a strong and catchy melodic line (complete with country-style harmonies). Rollicking piano enters after the first verse to drive the chords, and the rest of the band comes in at 1:19. Thorpe is a consistently strong singer (use the line at 1:44 as an example), so much so that apparently The Aztecs were one of the loudest bands in Australia primarily to match the volume of his vocals. At the 2:00 mark, the band changes to a nice hard-rock riff with a piano solo. After another verse, the riff kicks back in at 3:35 for the ride-out, this time allowing Thorpe to show off his growing guitar skills. There is an underlying country feel to this song; perhaps that's why Aussie country superstar Keith Urband recently covered the track (almost note for note!).
Song : "Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy" by The Aztecs
Single A-side (Havoc H1012) Feb. 1972

Billy Thorpe : vocals, guitar
Warren "Pig" Morgan : piano, vocals
Gil "Rathead" Matthews : drums, vocals
Paul "Sheepdog" Wheeler : bass

Here is a youtube link to the performance at Sunbury '72:

And here is a youtube clip of Keith Urban doing a surprisingly respectful cover:

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