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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LOCANDA DELLE FATE : Nove Lune (1978)

This progressive rock from Piedmonte came a little late onto the prog scene, even by Italian standards. As the public was picking up punk or disco, this group seemed to be in a time warp, playing symphonic and complex music, with heavy use of instrumentation and odd time signatures. The group lasted only one album and three singles during its lifetime, but has since gone on to become an essential group of the genre (at least among the Italian bands).
This track is in fact the b-side to the band's second single, and has been languishing in obscurity until more recent CD reissues. By this point the band was down to a 5 members (previously a 7-piece), and had even lost their lead singer! It starts with a complex piano line that upon the band's entry, can be counted in a fast 6/8 time, with shorter bars thrown in for good measure. The vocals are almost sweet-sounding, to balance the busy rhythm section. At 1:01, the second part of the song begins, with the sax leading the melody (that IS a sax, right?) over 4/4 time. Almost as fast, the main section restarts with vocals at 1:38. Part 2 comes back at 2:29, and rides out the song. You have to give this band some credit; putting so much energy and ideas into a B-SIDE in a genre that was very unpopular at this point!

Song : "Nove Lune" by Locanda Delle Fate

Single B-side (Polydor 2060 169) 1978

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