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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

WILLIE TEE : Walk Tall (Baby That's What I Need) (1970)

Wilson Turbinton, a.k.a. Willie Tee, the New Orleans singer and keyboard player, recorded a number of great soul, R&B, and funk tunes in his career. This track is from is first solo album, recorded on Capitol Records (he got a deal through sax player Cannonball Adderley), and has just been re-released on CD. The song contains a nice Southern groove, showcasing his warm vocals and pained lyrics. This is the only track on the album with a co-writing credit by friend Joe Zawinul, just before he started Weather Report. The strings and well-placed instrumentation were produced by none other than David Axelrod. The album's lack of success led him to start his own label and form the funk band THE GATURS, which put out a number of classic funk singles. Song : "Walk Tall (Baby That's What I Need)" by Willie Tee
From the LP "I'M ONLY A MAN" (Capitol ST-199) 1970

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