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Thursday, September 05, 2013

THE MACKROSOFT : Quiet Encephalitics [2006]

The Mackrosoft is a jazz-funk collective headed by musician Aja West (Alexander Vallette Cheever).  Originally from a hip-hop background, he quickly began churning out album after album of groovy music, utilizing various artists from the jazz & hip-hop community.  On this album, he enlisted none other than drummer Mike Clark (from HEADHUNTERS fame!).  This track is propelled by a classic funk beat, with bass & electronic piano stabs.  More synth and marimba fill out the sound.  And about halfway through the track, horns start adding their part, with a trombone & piano competing for solos.
Song : "Quiet Encephalitics" by The Mackrosoft
From the LP "ANTONIO'S GIRAFFE" May 2, 2006

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