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Saturday, September 21, 2013

WEATHER REPORT: Dara Factor Two [1982]

So this is the last studio track by Weather Report featuring Jaco Pastorius on bass (that's him yelling at 0:33 of the song).  He was working on his burgeoning solo career with his Word Of Mouth band, and touring conflicts forced them to part ways.  Also out of the band after this was drummer Peter Erskine, who had committed to the group Steps Ahead.  Thus, ended the classic lineup of the group.  The pulse of this track is a continuation of Part One (earlier on the album), and essentially a long groove with various sections coming in and out throughout; but make no mistake, many parts are almost entirely thought out.  The bass line at 1:03 establishes the main figure, and you can hear each instrument taking their jabs at the piece.  By 3:16, the main keyboard chords are established that rides out the the piece.
Song : "Dara Factor Two" by Weather Report
From the LP "Weather Report" (Columbia) Jan. 1982

Wayne Shorter : saxophone
Joe Zawinul : keyboards, percussion
Jaco Pastorius : bass, percussion, voice
Peter Erskine: drums, drum computer
Robert Thomas, Jr.: hand drums, percussion

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