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Sunday, March 15, 2009

BRIAN ENO : Sombre Reptiles (1975)

Here is a track by Eno just as he was shirking the pop mainstream and treading into ambient territory. He is using guitars for the main melody, but with an almost completely programmed rhythm section. He recreated this song live with the band 801 (with Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera on guitar).

Here's a blurb from allmusic:

ithout doubt, one of Brian Eno's most evocative instrumentals, "Sombre Reptiles," was an absolute standout on both his own "Another Green World" album in 1975, and the following year's "801 Live" album.

Over a persuasively percolating, but so dry rattle, a grandiose melody conjures up nothing so much, indeed, as an array of very somber reptiles: stately lizards, frowning serpents, superior crocodiles, and the lot. But, if that description sounds at all comical, the reality of the piece is somewhat more menacing, as a heavily treated, formally attired guitar traces a repetitive, but extraordinarily eloquent melody.

Behind it, layers of barely discernible electronics, keyboards, and, apparently, "unnatural sounds" twitch and wriggle, hastening even further the sensation of some scaly court of justice. One regrets only that it all wraps up so soon as little more than two minutes are expended on the song, although sharp ears might well recognize elements of Godley & Crème's "Consequences" as a distinct sonic successor.

Song : "Sombre Reptiles" by Brian Eno

From the LP "ANOTHER GREEN WORLD" (Island) Sep. 1975

Brian Eno : guitars, percussion, keyboards, sound effects, tapes

Get it here : Sombre Reptiles

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Dana said...

Too bad this is so short..! Liked it