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Sunday, March 08, 2009

THE GRASS ROOTS : Midnight Confessions (1968)

So while watching the US version of The Office, an interesting tidbit of information came out during the "Booze Cruise" episode. The eccentric character, Creed Bratton, admitted (in a deleted scene) that he had played in the '60s group, The Grass Roots. I thought that was odd, considering that it was a real group. But even more odd was that it was true! Creed Bratton actually plays a fictional version of HIMSELF on the show, but he definitely got his start as the guitar player and vocalist for this '60s pop-rock band. I'm sure hardcore fans of The Office already know these details, but it IS always nice to make the discovery for oneself! Here is one of their best-known songs, with the prerequisite catchy chorus. Creed is on guitar and backing vocals.

Song : "Midnight Confessions" (Dunhill 4144) 1968
Single A-side

Creed Bratton : guitar, vocals
Rick Coonce : drums
Warren Entner : keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals
Rob Grill : lead vocals, bass

Get it here : Midnight Confessions

1 comment:

Dana said...

I love Creed! HAHA... this makes watching the show even better, and he was my fave character.

He was pretty cute back in the day lol

Hey I'm all caught up now, but are YOU? hehe