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Saturday, March 28, 2009

SPACE NEEDLE : One Kind Of Lullaby (1997)

This alternative rock band from the mid-90s only lasted two albums, but made some decidedly experimental music in their time. Going from soft introspective ballads to full-on progressive rock noise experiments, it would be nearly impossible to pin them down into a 'genre' (probably explaining their lack of success, like most other bands that try to vary their sound). This is the last track of their second album, and tries to balance their pop sensibilities (at the beginning) with their sonic explorations (towards the end). Yet overall, a catchy song, with a subtle use of violin in the background. Cover art by none other than Roger Dean, album-cover artist extroardinaire!

Song : "One Kind Of Lullaby" by Space Needle
From the LP "THE MORAY EELS EAT THE SPACE NEEDLE" (Zero Hour) Jan. 21, 1997

Jud Ehrbar : drums, vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion
Jeff Gatland : guitars, percussion
Anders Parker : guitars, vocals, drums, percussion
Max Buckholtz : violin

: Original artwork by Roger Dean :

Get it here : One Kind Of Lullaby

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Dana said...

Interesting to note -

If you go to the band's wikipedia page and scroll down, one of the categories they've been put under is "pretentious musical groups"