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Sunday, September 23, 2012

GENERATION X : Happy People [1981]

Generation X may not have been Billy Idol's first band, but it was definitely where he gained enough popularity (and material) to go solo!  Some of the material off this album was re-used by Idol on his first solo recordings.  By the time of this song (on the band's third official release), the group's sound had changed from punk to the growing New Wave scene.    
This track in particular has a lot of more poppy elements: mid-range tempo, pulsing bass, sparse guitar, and even dub echoing!  This allows Idol to take his time with singing, positioning his melody in between the guitar and percussion blasts.  In fact, the entire song seems like a dub version of another tune!  But this kind of beat and bassline was giving member Tony James some ideas for later projects...  both he and Idol soon left for greater success in the 80s... 

Song : "Happy People" by Gen X
From the LP "Kiss Me Deadly" (Chrysalis) 1981

Billy Idol : vocals, guitar
Tony James : bass
Terry Chimes : drums
James Stevenson, Steve Jones, John McGeoch? : additional guitar

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