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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ROGER BUNN : Crystal Tunnel [1969]

This guy confuses me.  A product of the UK psych scene, he learned skiffle, jazz, country, folk, all before dropping acid and travelling to the Middle East in the late 60s.  Returning to the UK, he was a fixture at London's UFO Club, sharing the stage with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine.  This all led to his one psychedelic album at the end of the decade, which ran the gamut of ALL the above styles, with a stream-of-consciousness tracklisting.  This track is more on the 'concise' side, with a jazzy rhythm, tasty piano chords, and well-placed horn jabs.  Vocals aren't the best, but the melody is intriguing enough.  And that's the thing that confuses me: his singing, songwriting (and sometimes production) is a bit on the 'rough' side overall, but every so often there is an interesting melody/line.  And in comes a well-placed rhythm section, horn line or string section!  Is it amateurish or professional?  Why do I care?  Well, something must be working, as I'm still trying to figure it out... 

His future collaborations were mainly with Pete Brown & Piblokto!, and also has the prestige of being Roxy Music's first guitarist (Nov. 1970 to summer 1971).  He passed away on Jul. 28, 2005.

Song : "Crystal Tunnel" by Roger Bunn
From the LP "Peace Of Mind" 1969

Crystal Tunnel

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