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Saturday, September 22, 2012

TED NEELEY: The Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder [1973]

Good old Ted, who first rose to fame in the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar, used his popularity to relaunch a solo career. With it, he released a capable album of country-tinged 70s rock and acoustic songs. Definitely a product of the times, there are still a few interesting tracks for the curious. This one, which gets the 'best song title of the album' award, starts with a rocking mandolin solo with acoustic guitar. But once the piano kicks in, the rollicking beat asserts itself. Neeley sings with his best Texan drawl, telling his story by sliding his notes into the next bar. Also note the interesting horn charts that are almost lost in the mix, although they very much add to the sound, especially when they take over at the ride-out (at 2:15).

Song : "The Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder" by Ted Neeley
From the LP "1974 A.D." (RCA APL1-0317)

The Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder

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Miloš Vasić said...

Great track. The horns are well mixed, what are you talking about?